Social Responsibility in Longobardi

    The Supplier is of the opinion that the "Social Responsibility" of the Company, meaning the integration of social and ethical concerns into the management of the company and into its commercial relations with its customers/suppliers, constitutes a crucial instrument for ensuring development of the company activity which takes account of social needs, for the purposes of the competition of the company. It therefore undertakes, in particular:

  • to comply (in self-certification, too) with all the requirements of Regulation SA 8000:2008 and all those otherwise signed up to by the company, in order to promote the defense of human rights, ensure the protection of health and safety in the workplace, prevent and/or combat all forms of discrimination
  • do not use or support the use of child labor
  • do not encourage or support the forced and compulsory labor
  • to ensure a safe and healthy workplace
  • to respect the right of workers to join trade unions
  • do not make any kind of discrimination
  • do not use or support disciplinary practices, such as corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, verbal abuse
  • to adapt working hours to the laws and national and local agreements'
  • to pay employees respecting the national labor contract and the supplementary company, if any
  • to assess, select and check the suppliers, also as regards compliance with the legal requirements, and to steer them towards a management policy which takes human rights into account to a greater extent, influencing their behavior and increasing their ethical-social quality
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