Auto-certificate HACCP

The Company Aniello Longobardi protect and guarantee the health and hygiene safety of its products, its storage sites and cargo handling food in accordance with the "hygiene package", per the Regulations 852-853 / 2004 / EC and subsequent additions.

    The self-certification HACCP implemented from 1997 by the Organization and included in the standard ISO 9001 and BRC Global Standard Food, provides:

  • Definition of a manual of self-control HACCP (Ref. MH01 in updated Revision);
  • Definition of specific HACCP plans (with identification of the risks related to the activity carried out in all stages, from the fields of cultivation to delivery to the customer, the critical points CCP process, corrective measures, etc.) that describe the controls aimed at preventing of risks;
  • Periodic training programs at the level of sanitation for permanent and seasonal staff;
  • Internal audits and regular external to check the effectiveness of HACCP plans established;

All documentation relating to HACCP is subject to continuous updates by the technical team of the company and the requirements laid by Haccp is periodically checked by the authorities (private and not).

Have also been provided with the required procedures for traceability of the ingredients / products in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 178/2002 / EC, in order to ensure a rapid and efficient management of the non-compliance and / or food emergencies throughout the cycle production and distribution of the product and the production batch is we reported on the unit of sale as well as the commercial documents of sale.

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