The policy of the company is strongly oriented to the primary Quality of its own products. To pursue better results and to attest its own work, in 1997 the Aniello Longobardi chose voluntary to certify itself in accordance with the legislation on quality ISO 9001- worldwide recognized – for the management of its quality system. Since then, the company has implemented and kept constantly updated a restraint system HACCP to ensure compliance with health and hygiene of its manufacture and still certifying voluntary both the BRC Global Standard and the IFS Food, specific for food safety about wholesale foods.

For those who love alternative lifestyles is available the range of organic farming products (that exploits the natural fertility of the soil with limited interventions, it promotes the biodiversity of the environment in which it operates and it excludes the use of synthetic chemical products and GMO, genetically modified organisms). For this reason, the company is regularly monitored by the CCPB, Consortium for the control of biological products (which code is: IT BIO 009), under regulation UE 848/2018 with a released certificate of conformity.