Properties of the tomatoes

Made mainly of water, tomatoes are riches in B-C-E vitamins, beta- carotene and potassium, folic acid, iron, phosphorus, calcium. Also in antioxidants like sulphur and lycopene that helps in protecting the skin from the free radicals attack, responsible for the aging process and for many cancers.

Proprietà del pomodoro
  • Unripe tomatoes are very rich in licopersicina. They are mildly laxative; useful in case of candida infection. They help digesting foods like pasta, rice, potatoes (riches in starches) and eliminating the excess of proteins caused by eating too much meat. Thanks to its acidulous taste it helps digestion.
  • A study of the British Society for Investigative Dermatology revealed that tomatoes support the skin protecting it from UV rays.
  • The Cnr researchers of Pozzuoli (Campania Region), according to the Federico II University of Naples demonstrated that a polysaccharide, without the skins, works like an anti-inflammatory. It was also published on the Journal of Natural Products.
  • Tomatoes does not contain gluten. (Data provided by AIC: Celiac Italian Association).

The work was published in the Journal of Natural Products.