Organic products

All products Longobardi are also available in Bio

Prodotti biologici
  • THE WHOLE LONGOBARDI ASSORTMENT is available, BY REQUEST, as well as conventional also BIO, for those follow a natural and healthy without sacrificing quality and taste, in the protection of their welfare and the environment. In organic farming, no synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and pesticides in general) or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are used.

Bio Mix di Legumi

Bio Bean Mix

Bio Fagiolini Bianchi di Spagna

Bio Butter Beans

Bio Lenticchie

Bio Lentils

Bio Fagioli Borlotti

Bio Borlotti Beans

Bio Fagiolini Cannellini

Bio Cannellini Beans

Bio Ceci

Bio Chickpeas

Bio Cubettato di Pomodoro

Bio Diced Tomatoes

Bio Passata di pomodoro

Bio Tomato Puree